Bronze Age Mindset Review Catalog (and other useful links)

***Updated February 3rd, 2020***

The first part of this catalog lists, in no particular order, all of the reviews of Bronze Age Mindset that are known to me, with comments on how helpful they are. Please let me know of any that are not listed. The second part features links to the Bronze Age Pervert’s exchange at American Mind as well as articles that are devoted to analyzing the debates. The third part features links that may be useful to those with Bronze Age souls and bodies.

I. Reviews of BAM

1. Michael Anton’s in Claremont Review of Books. This review is playful and helpfully brings out both the substance and style of the book. (See Fred Watson’s review below; his review helped me see some of Anton’s subtlety).

2. Survive the Jive Book Review. This guy has a much better grasp of historical moments that BAP finds important than anyone else who has reviewed the book. Very much worth listening to. BAP’s historical learning is deep and broad, and this will help you keep up.

3. Beach Nietzsche by Mike Crumplar. Has a weird thesis about BAP’s sexuality (says more about Crumpy’s fedgheyness than anything about BAP); but it quotes a memorable passage from the book. If BAP ever read this review, I bet he would say it is NGO shit and that the author had not read the book.

4. Tom X Hart. Points out that BAM will liberate and elevate your thinking about the right and notes that “new energies and possibilities are rising.”

5. Guillame Durocher at UNZ. Concise and helpful overview of key points.

6. Matt Forney Terror House Magazine. Makes an interesting comparison of BAP to Jonathan Bowden, and helpfully describes what BAP’s pirates are NOT.

7. C.B. Robertson at Caffeine and Philosophy. Points out that BAP does an amazing job articulating things we despise that we can’t quite say why we despise them. Now we can.

8. Charles Sledge. Offers a helpful section by section overview.

9. Write Revival. Review by an anonymous woman. She recommends this book for men seeking insight into how live a healthy life with purposes and meaning in a world gone completely insane from egalitarian brainwashing.”

10. David “without sun and steel” Gordon with a review that whines about Anton as opposed to helping us understand BAP. Libertarian pov. Waste of time:

11. Peter Bredon with Counter-Currents. Much longer than it needs to be. Interesting musings on which circles of Right that BAP may or may not run in. Okay analysis of key themes.

12. Charles at WorthyHouse. Interesting thoughts on the directions BAP’s thought could take in the hand of modern conservatives. Lengthy discussion of main arguments. I don’t think he gets BAP’s view of women right. We need a good piece of BAP’s view of women.

13. Karl X Brown. On the Aesthetics of BAM. By far in a way one of the most thoughtful reviews of BAM. This is a person already on the wavelength of BAP who effortlessly weaves in BAP’s thoughts with his own.

14. Man with a Purpose. A midling review. In the moments that he is critical of BAP, he doesn’t think hard enough about WHY BAP does what he does; or doesn’t think of how BAP’s odder moments fit into his intention.

15. Jack Murphy. An interview of BAP. Here we get the announcement of BAP’s next project, a philosophical novel for women on sex. I re-listened to this and my estimation of it has risen quite a bit. Check it out.

16. Politico. Embarrassing hack job with guilt by association level thinking.

17. Fred Watson Jr. American Sun. A thrilling re-reading of Anton’s essay on BAM that help me grasp Anton’s intention more clearly.

18. Galactic Lebensraumist. Some beautiful prose, esp. in the first half. Goes on a bit long after that point.

19. Howe Abbot-Hiss. Occidental Observer. A helpful review replete with key quotations to remind you of the core arguments if you don’t have time to re-read the book any time soon.

20. New Ruins 09 “Adopting the Bronze Age Mindset” is a hilarious video review of the book; yet, it still brings out a number of core points and shows why the book resonates with so many. (thanks to @standardorder for pointing it out!):

21. Christopher Chantrill at An American Manifesto. Thinks about pirates and about how the youth are going to figure things out with the aid of BAM:

22. Sten Morten at Return of Kings outlines 4 reasons to read BAM: Sun and steel, ancient inspiration, dispelling falsehoods, heroic friendships.

23. Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet (click on the link just to let the Swedes re-confirm their opinion that publish BAP stuff is good)

24. Hillsdale College has a conversation about BAM:

25. Anton and the Powerline crew have some drinks and launch into a jovial discussion of BAM and BAP:

26. Reading Rain Bros offers an enthusiastic and sympathetic review of BAM:

27. Scott Hambrick offers an overview of BAM (I haven’t listened to this one yet):

28. Yatagan Age Mindset part of the Perfume Nationalists review BAM:

29. Briggs argues that there is a positive teaching in BAM; spends a good deal of time on BAP’s critique of Darwin and the matriarchy; makes a highly interesting attempt to synthesize BAM and Christianity–showing that BAP is no enemy to Christians. This is an upper tier review worth reading!

30. Johann Michaels at AmGreatness carries around BAM and shares the reactions he got. Tries to see BAM from a literary perspective. And compares BAP to Jack Donovan’s recent books.

31. Human Affairs writes “The Spirit of the Greeks.” Offers a helpful overview, arguing that BAP is neither a nihilist nor a relativist. Makes a small critique of BAP at end, wondering whether or not BAM only offers strength, but without direction.

32. What’s Left Pod? Podcast on “Bronze Twitter.” I haven’t listened to this yet.

Please let me know of any worth mentioning that aren’t here. 

II. American Mind Responses

  1. Bronze Age Pervert’s response to Anton:
  2. Anton’s Rejoinder:
  3. Mencius Moldbug’s surprising critical remarks:
  4. Second City Bureaucrat’s defense of BAM:
  5. Spencer Klavan’s critique of Bronze Age manliness:
  6. Dan DeCarlo calls BAP-ism “impotent nihilism”:
  7. Tara Isabella Burton on trollery and seriousness:
  8. James Poulos brings technology into the conversation:
  9. Uncompliant argues convincingly that BAP is a realist and not a nihilist.
  10. Elijah del Medigo offers a sympathetic and exciting reading of BAM, yet, still calls him a nihilist.
  11. Aaron Sibarium offers a very cranky and unsympathetic review; however, does raise the question of whether or not some of BAP overreaches on a few of the news articles.

Analysis of the controversy and other BAP analysis:

  1. Mike Cernovich reluctantly dips his feet into the water; but I’m glad he did. He brings humor to some of the engagement on Twitter (Hazony’s weak sauce, etc) in addition to looking at the Am Mind essays:
  2. Malcolm Pollack’s two questions: how on Earth did we get here? And what do we do now?:
  3. Pollack again on Yarvin on BAP:
  4. Tom X Hart offers thoughtful reflections on Anton’s naive moralizing; Heraclitus; Deleuze and Guitar guy; and adds detail on the character of “frogtwitter” from the perspective of a falcon:
  5. Phocaean Dionysius argues compellingly that BAP is NOT a nihilist:
  6. Phocaean Dionysius offers thoughts on the impact BAP will have in 2020:
  7. Cerberus399 argues that Mencius Moldbug’s critique of BAM doesn’t accurately assess its scope and message:
  8. Cerberus399 writes on BAP’s political teaching:
  9. Susannah Black offers a flippant critique of BAP from a Christian perspective, arguing that BAP doesn’t sufficiently appreciate alternative positions to his own and that he hasn’t thought enough about justice and whether it fits in with his vitalism. She fails to see that BAP is a pedagogical author who does not connect all the dots for his readers, but, rather expects them to figure things out for themselves.
  10. Justin Murphy with Geoffrey Miller on the Overcast podcast (haven’t listened to it yet, will make a note soon) (thanks @KarlXBrown):
  11. Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent admits a lack of familiarity with BAP (why write article? just seeking attention!). Brings out large quotes from each AmMind article and raises question: who better–the heroic BAP or the weak armed David French?
  12. Minnesota Conservative. You should read this. It is thoughtful and humorous, bringing in some Minnesota charm as well. Helps carry forward BAP’s argument from the Am Mind debate.

Let me know what I am missing for responses to the American Mind discussion since these are still rapidly emerging.

Other links:

  1. Caribbean Rhythms by BAP:
  2. BAP’s essay on Israel:
  3. Interesting list of “Bronze Age Podcasts.” Has Caribbean Rhythms on the list and then a bunch of podcasts devoted to other things that CR listeners might be interested in:
  4. Playlist of songs inspired by Caribbean Rhythms of thumotic classical songs:
  5. Video response to BAP-cast 15 (on art):
  6. American Sun review of BAP-casts 1-11:

Articles that BAP has posted on Twitter (this list very incomplete but will grow over time)

  1. Mark Ames on our crappy ruling class:

One thought on “Bronze Age Mindset Review Catalog (and other useful links)

  1. Two podcasts with Anton on BAP. both, unfortunately, unremarkable.

    1.) Anton repeats main points of review for boys who cant read:

    2.) Stuffy old men reminiscing about neighborhoods. Think BAP’s idea of Caesar compatible with normie conservatives. Beware of bugmen:


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