Break Out!

Weak thinking is the result of seeing others through one’s own limitations. That sounds extremely gay and “no shit,” I understand. So hear me out: When people talk about “human nature” or, what is in vogue today, “human anthropology” they posit what is acceptable to them as what is natural for all.

Nietzsche rails against this, especially in BGE when he talks about the Stoics.

Here is what led me to this thought: I heard someone say, “People who wake up thinking the day will go well are the delusional ones. Those who expect things to go wrong and plan in advance are the clear thinkers.” My mind went to the Baron de Montesquieu and his description of his day to day happiness, how he wakes up looking forward to all the nice things he will get to do that day and goes to bed pleased with himself. You can also think of the funny description BAP gave for all the things he needs to thrive. Basically consider Montesquieu the kind of man who has all such things at his disposal, and more.

So when I say “limitations” I do not mean to indicate that tired formula about how your local prejudices or whatever get in the way of cross-cultural understanding. I mean primarily the limitations placed upon you that you have no way of countering: you’re poor, ugly, talentless existence will lead to an interpretation of others and life generally that is all wrong, because you can’t face up to the fact that you’re a stunted growth. Indeed, if you do face up to that fact, then that is an excellence of sorts.

You have to do what you can to live without constraint (to use BAP’s vocabulary). You have to do what you can to avoid being motivated from the outside, out of a desire for something other than yourself. I mean, here I am publishing these thoughts so you can point your finger or whatever.

And you have to do what you can to live this way in spite of and against those whose constraints and shortcomings leave them what they see as one way out: to clap you in irons as well. I have described this elsewhere. Beauty doesn’t have to attack, it is itself an affront because of the way it goes through the world with its power of attraction. It really can fuck up those who fall into its orbit—and no, I am not just talking about the power of Mystical Egirls. I am talking about the power of certain young people to destroy those around them; there are young people who destroy themselves willingly out of love for a beautiful leader or even friend whose strength of spirit calls them to tasks and thoughts that are too much for their constitution, that disrupt the regime of a soul that isn’t capable of life outside of the constraints of that regime.

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