The 3 Dimensions of Right Wing and Left Wing or, Lets Go Over the Right and Left Dichotomy. Again.

With the recent renaissance of new mindsets, politics, philosophies, ideologies, identities, theories and praxis, why do we need, once again, to go over this boomer dichotomy? Because after you signal your trendy new ideology that Alcibiadean pirates require open space lebensraum for their will to power, some Tara Isabella Burtonite will try to understand, “So what you’re saying is… you’re ‘right wing’?” facepalm.jpg. Although my online bros are totally based, I still live in the normie world. But what kind of fake fascist has the egalitarian balls to stoop down the hierarchy to the unwashed masses?

The fundamental 3 dimensions of Right and Left

1. Hierarchy vs Equality
2. Tradition vs Progress
3. Technology vs Globalism

Hierarchy vs Equality

Anti-egalitarianism is the first redpill from which all other redpills are derived. Moldbug style Anti-Democracy? Why does he bully protestants so much? It’s all advanced anti-equality, so we may want to ease you into it with some lower doses, big guy. I am tempted to label this section “Freedom vs Equality,” because this tension is how we start to derive the Dark Enlightenment. But these are not true opposites. Hierarchy, vertical structure, is the opposite of Equality, horizontal structure. But Freedom and Hierarchy do have a relationship, tho: hierarchy is what naturally develops in an uncontrolled, FREE environment. If you’re so damn obsessed with freedom (why do you think BAP loves open space so much?) then you got no problem with hierarchy. Allow us a digression into the story of freedom…

For every left wing person, fundamentally, equality is the most important value. All other good things come from it. If there’s inequality, i.e. hierarchy, there’s oppression; which, I suppose, means no freedom, I think? see, they’re logical just like you. What’s more, when they signal their egalitarian virtue, how can your rhetoric even compete, you mean and selfish coward? So where the hell does this Right Wing even get off? Enter Robespierre. He (as an object or event) is the archetypal womb that births the REACTION(ary). He’s my favorite Revolutionary for this reason. Your dialectics didn’t stand a chance. To paraphrase Bezmenov: when the revolutionary kicks a useful idiot in his fat bottom, then the idiot will see. What are we seeing? This egalitarian revolution was never about freedom. Hear any calls for shutting down free speech or taking away your private property, e.g. guns, lately?

We are Reactionaries (Reaction against the Egalitarian Revolution). Fundamentally, freedom is the most important value. Since egalitarians got no problem with authority taking away freedom as means to an egalitarian end, we reject, or subordinate, equality as a flawed value. We want our freedom. Wait–but why, again? I just want to wake up, go to work, come home, see my family, fuck my obedient wife in the missionary position with no concern for her pleasure and then fall asleep. What do I need to be free for? Spoiler alert: (slightly altering a Thomas Carlyle quote:) History is but the account of innovation. Freedom is necessary for innovation. More on this in “Technology vs Globalism.”

So I’ve gone pretty far off into shilling for freedom in a section about hierarchy. But I was trying to point out how equality sucks! Fuck off egalitarians–freedomfags only. But it looks like this hierarchy has naturally occurred in our free state. What to do, what to do…Oh shit–and will you just look at this!: the CEO of Hierarchies, Jordan Peterson, once said something like: you don’t see a homeless person and say, hooray! the hierarchy is working! Hierarchy is the hardest sell of the right wing or the reactionary. (see above: the part about innovation necessarily needs freedom with its side effect, i.e. hierarchy.) It’s the wild untamed undomesticated wild tiger that came with our purchase of true freedom, COMPED! As a lead in to our next section, it looks like we need an operator’s manual, maybe even a kind of culture, perhaps codified in a tradition, that can help us to Ride the Tiger.

Tradition vs Progress
or, How to Ride the Hierarchy

Hierarchy vs egalitarian, i.e. vertical vs horizontal structure, was pretty straight forward. From here on in we may use particular meanings for the terms. Being around for quite a while, humans have, possibly through trial-and-error, stumbled upon praxis that seemed to yield positive results, e.g. a society of friendly neighbors does better than a community of dishonest sketchy sell outs. Does that mean God wants you to be a friendly neighbor? who cares! Its just more effective. Practical praxis has been codified in Tradition. And this happened a while ago.

But the olden dayz wuz when the patriarchy enslaved muh 6 million POCs! It’s tainted! Problematic! REEEEE. It’s the current year and women can do stuff now. The current year was achieved through Progress. And Future Progress will show that you are on the wrong side of Progress. Now do you see why they use these words and phrases? Maybe doing the right thing is tyranny and I’m allowed to break down trad social structures. You figured it out, fedora tipper: Satan won’t own your soul for eternity. But as you Progressively explore ways to not do the right thing, GNON will sure as shit kick you down the hierarchy. Well, we’ll just to have a revolution to overturn the hierarchy. And so on and so…

So that’s how I describe the left. Is it a straw man? No. Fuck you. Of course, this right wing trad demand for doing the right thing leaves you will this problem: what is the right thing? I am actually a scum bag. But at least I go to confession. For the right thing, I’m going to point you towards Bronze Age Mindset and 12 Rules for Life. That’s a start. The right is defined by having a will to Ride the Tiger, the left wants to jump off and have a fist fight with a tiger.

Technology vs Globalism

Right away I have to mention these are Peter Thiel’s terms in Zero to One. Thank you Peter, very cool. So we’re Trad Reactionaries Riding the Tiger up the Holy Hierarchy. Why? So I can show the world how big my dick is? Back to our cyborg Carlyle idea: History is but the account of innovation. But since I already mentioned that, let’s start with how the left wants you to eat bugs and live in pods instead of embracing the future as God intended.

Bannon likes to point out that you can tell the political ruling class is the aristocracy of the USA because the suburbs outside of DC are the wealthiest in the country; More than, say, silicon valley, which is generally understood as where innovation is supposed to happen. So will the whole globe some day look like a DC suburb? Even if there was some how just enough resources, as Thiel points out, this creates extreme competition for those resources, namely, war, namely, this is going to end in nuclear holocaust.

When I say “the fall of the Roman Empire” I am talking about an untergang, a downward movement, a fall. If I say “western enlightenment,” that is upward movement, civilization goes “Up.” And attempting to spread equality globally is a sort of side-ways movement, not really up, and with mitigated risk, we try not to fall; arrogance in the face of the Tyler Durden hypothesis: “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”  

There’s only one way to prove Tyler wrong. And the good news is, it is the very meaning and being of humanity: technology that comes from innovation, which drives civilization upward, the very actions of history. And thank God the right wing secured us that freedom and open space that allows this innovation. Right Wing is interested in this upward technological movement. Of course passing this shit side ways is nice too, but we must be focused on going up. As in the previous section, this text is not a “how to” innovate, I am merely defining right wing and its goals and values. Best I can say is ride the tiger up the hierarchy towards the singularity, beyond the horizon of upward movement. Is that completely theoretical and idealistic? Totally. I guess I could point you towards Zero to One as a start. Go off, king.

– Cyberstein the Hiernetic Saganarch

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