Table of Contents

Co-Edited by @PhocaeanD and @Cerberus399bc

Highlights Represent Editors’ Picks

Reference Notes for Caribbean Rhythms

  1. Semmelweis’s Library of BAP-exandria Episodes (1-5)
  2. The Lebanotarian’s Library of BAP-exandria Episodes (20-24)
  3. The Lebanotarian’s Library of BAP-exandria Episodes (25-29)
  4. The Lebanotarian’s Library of BAP-exandria Episodes (30-34)
  5. The Lebanotarian’s Library of BAP-exandria Episodes (35-39)

Essays on BAP

  1. The Bronze Age University: New Possibilities in a Time of Trouble by Cerberus399bc
  2. Bronze Age Mindset Review Catalog (and other useful links) by Cerberus399bc
  3. BAP on Chyna by Cerberus399bc
  4. The Justice of BAP by PhocaeanDionysius
  5. On the Political Teaching of BAP by Cerberus399bc
  6. Who Follows Bronze Age Pervert? by AlcibiadesII
  7. BAP’s specious use of “species” by Cerberus399bc
  8. Big Magic and Energy, or Life by PhocaeanDionsyius

Essays on Natural Right

  1. Conflicting Natural Rights, In Tom West’s The Political Theory of the American Founding by PhocaeanDionysius
  2. The Discovery of Natural Right by PhocaeanDionysius
  3. A Piratical Defense of Socrates by PhocaeanDionysius

Critical Replies/Responses

  1. Response to Tom West by PhocaeanDionysius
  2. The Rhetorical Puzzle of Bradley Thompson’s Nietzschean Pajama Essay by Cerberus399bc
  3. Moldbug Calls on the Bronze Age Pervert by PhocaeanDionysius
  4. Elijah del Medigo on the Divide Between the Ancients and Moderns by Phocaean Dionsyius

Essays on Contemporary Political Questions

  1. On the Original Meaning of “Red Pill” by AlcibiadesII
  2. A Humble Beginning: A Noble Return by Pelopidas
  3. Throwing out Nature with a Pitchfork: What COVID-19 Discloses by AlcibiadesII
  4. Break Out! by Phocaean Dionsyius
  5. What We Lose by Phocaean Dionysius
  6. 8 Cracks in the Progressive Reality Dome by Cerberus399bc
  7. Economy and the Household by Phocaean Dionysius
  8. On the brand Always losing the “feminine” in “feminine product by SnatchMaria
  9. Constitutional Crises and Determined Minorities by Phocaean Dionysius
  10. Some Problems with Universal Human Rights by Cerberus399bc

Essays on Mencius Moldbug

  1. Contradictory Detachments in Yarvin’s Gray Mirror #1 by Cerberus399bc
  2. Moldbug on Chyna (On the Rhetorical Character of the Missionary Virus) by Cerberus399bc
  3. Commentary/Summary/Notes on Mencius Moldbug’s Second Clear Pill Essay by Cerberus399bc
  4. Riffing on Mencius Moldbug’s “The Generalist’s Stone: A Stable Mind” by Cerberus399bc
  5. Mencius Moldbug’s Failure to Understand Bronze Age Mindset by Cerberus399bc
  6. Thoughts on Curtis Yarvin’s Clear Pill Part One by Cerberus 399bc

Essays on Leo Strauss

  1. What is Straussianism? by Phocaean Dionysius

Essays on Psychology

  1. An Introduction to the Last Psychiatrist by Cerberus399bc
  2. Beast and God by PhocaeanDionysius
  3. Physiological-Soul-Commonwealth and Bourbon by PhocaeanDionysius
  4. The 3 Dimensions of Right Wing and Left Wing or, Lets Go Over the Right and Left Dichotomy. Again. by Cyberstein the Hiernetic Saganarch

Essays on Historical Inquiries

  1. Dominique Venner by Phocaean Dionysius
  2. Lee Harvey Oswald and The Double, or, Did Krushchev Kill Kennedy? by Semmelweis

Essays on The History of Political Philosophy

  1. The Beneficence of Necessity by AlcibiadesII
  2. The Essential Types of Men According to Homer by Son of Sorel aka That Ol’ Lazy Boy

Book Review Essays

  1. Thoughts on Nationalism: A Review of Mystery Grove’s Mine Were of Trouble by Peter Kemp –by Cerberus399bc

Essays on Novelists

  1. Why do Men Fight in Wars?–Thoughts on All Quiet on the Western Front by Cerberus399bc
  2. Bolano’s Cave (quotation) by Phocaean Dionysius
  3. Observations on Celine’s London Bridge by Herodotean Dreams
  4. Quotes on Communism from Larteguy’s The Centurions by Phocaean Dionysius
  5. Ernst Junger on Love and Manliness in Storm of Steel by Cerberus399bc

Other Essays on Nature and Morality

  1. A Comment on Proverbs 9 by Phocaean Dionysius
  2. Xanthippe, The Best Wife? by PhocaeanDionysius
  3. New Atheist Morality Needs a BAP-tism by Cerberus399bc
  4. Physiological-Soul-Commonwealth and Bourbon by PhocaeanDionysius
  5. Trash Lady is My Enemy by PhocaeanDionysius
  6. On Exhortations, Ancient and Modern by Cerberus399bc
  7. What is Seriousness? by Cerberus399bc
  8. Ambition and Self-Knowledge by PhocaeanDionysius
  9. Generalities and Exceptions by PhocaeanDionysius
  10. Generalizations, A Defense by PhocaeanDionysius
  11. Stephens Replies to Lincoln. Toleration and Race by PhocaeanDionysius